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Become a Trained and Professional Toastmaster

Unfortunately, anyone can buy a set of red tails and call him or herself a Toastmaster. An unsuspecting client then books them only to find that they have received no training, have very little experience and completely ruin the event they are booked for.

Membership of The National Association of Toastmasters is by examination, which means that clients can book any of our members with confidence. If you are an experienced toastmaster and would like to join our Association, please contact our Secretary, whose details may be found on the ‘Contact’ page of this web site.

Training is actively performed by a number of our experienced Fellows, who train suitable candidates to the standard required to take our examinations.

If you have little or no experience and would like to be trained as a Toastmaster, please contact any of our trainers below.

Our Members

If you are looking for a toastmaster please browse our directory of members to find a Toastmaster near you. Feel free to contact any member via their own page within this site.


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