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      Tim Podesta

      Associate Member

      Tim has extensive experience as a Toastmaster and master of ceremonies, and can facilitate events in English and French.

      London & The South

      Chris Metherell


      Chris Metherell’s quiet competence, experience and expertise combine to relieve the host from all the strain and worry, so they can relax and enjoy their special event.

      Kent & The South

      Peter Sumner

      Associate Member

      Whatever your event, if you want to relax and enjoy your day, then the simple answer is – get a professional Toastmaster!

      Midlands, Isle of Wight

      Simon Shirley


      Simon will ensure your wedding, banquet, party or fundraising event runs smoothly and on time, with style and a touch of humour where appropriate.

      UK-wide, International

      Christine Akehurst

      Past President, Fellow

      Christine is a professionally qualified Toastmaster of over twenty years experience

      London & Surrounding Areas

      Peter Thompson

      Past President, Fellow

      Peter is a widely experienced Toastmaster who will make your event a success

      London & The South

      Ian Lloyd


      The most enjoyable part of Ian’s job has always been meeting people & making your event surpass your expectations.


      Michael Brunker

      Associate Member

      With an eye for the detail and a genuine love for making people happy, I’m certain I can help your event be a memorable one for all the right reasons

      London, Kent, South East

      Alex Murphy

      Associate Member

      Crafting memorable moments – Alex will bring elegance and expertise to every occasion

      London, The South

      Richard Mitchell


      Richard’s knowledge, attention to detail and diplomacy will ensure your event runs smoothly.


      Geoff Harris

      Fellow, Trainer

      Geoff is qualified to work at any occasion and in any venue. He will do it with flair, style and above all, good-natured humour with attention to detail, openness to ideas and flexibility.

      UK, Overseas

      Phil Lewis

      Associate Member

      Phil is a highly regarded Toastmaster with Welsh as his first language, presiding over the grandest of formal occasions or the humblest events.


      Brian Lee


      Brian has excellent organisational and planning skills, with a sense of humour and would be delighted to assist with any event where a toastmaster is required.

      London & The South

      Colin MacGregor


      Colin’s exceptional eye for detail, care and easy manner will make a huge difference to your event.

      London & The South

      David Bond


      Should you choose to engage David’s services you can be assured of his attention to detail and determination to make your function an event to be remembered.



      Past President, Fellow

      Toastmasters make you STAND UP, PAV makes you STAND OUT!

      South, London, UK, Worldwide

      Rory Windass

      Associate Member Associate of the National Association of Toastmasters

      David Tinney

      Associate Member

      David is a professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies, presenter, communicator and organiser, providing consultancy and mentoring on personal communications.

      Surrey & The South

      Neil Hunt

      Past President, Fellow

      Neil has worked throughout the UK, Europe & New York, with a friendly approach and unrivalled experience

      London, UK, Worldwide

      Barry Dorn

      Past President, Fellow, Life Vice President

      Barry is warm, friendly and dangerously witty. He really adds extra spice to any event.


      Ian Rothstein


      Most importantly whatever the function and wherever the venue, the one constant is that I CARE about YOU and YOUR SPECIAL DAY.

      London, Home Counties

      David Wylie


      Whatever the event, why not add that “Touch of Elegance” and employ my services as a professionally trained Toastmaster.

      Howard Robbins

      Past President, Fellow, Trainer, Life Vice President

      With over 40 years’ experience, Howard will bring his very modern style to your Wedding or Event and offer you the best possible service both before and, on the day of, your event.

      London, South East

      Tim Chandler

      Associate Member

      Tim will add a touch of class and style to your event whilst ensuring it runs smoothly. He has a passion for weddings and will ensure your special day is both stress free and unforgettable.

      Beds, Bucks, Herts, Cambs, Northants

      Paul Deacon

      Past President, Fellow

      With 25 years experience, Paul has enjoyed looking after Brides and Bridegrooms and corporate events all over the world from multi-faith weddings, International dinners and Corporate Function.

      UK, Overseas

      Ross Sullivan

      Associate Member

      I will give my all to making your occasion a special one. Careful planning and preparation, culminating in a polished and friendly performance.

      London, UK-Wide, International

      Lee Taylor


      Your Wedding, Masonic Ladies Festival, Charitable/Corporate event, Wedding is in safe hands when you employ Lee, the Taylor Made Toastmaster!

      London & The South

      Tom Reddy

      President, Fellow, Trainer

      Tom’s pleasant and easy manner with an eye for detail, ensures your Event will be a success and allow you to enjoy yourself, stress free, knowing you are in safe hands.

      East Midlands, UK, Overseas

      Lynne O’Hara


      With Lynne as your Lady Toastmaster , your event will be managed professionally and skilfully, with a friendly approach to ensure smooth running success for all.

      Kent, London, UK, Overseas

      Paul Buckley


      Paul is able to provide a touch of dignity and efficiency to any occasion in a friendly and polite manner, and is committed to ensuring your event is a success.


      Nina Vaseer

      Associate Member

      Nina will add creative flair and a polished touch to make your event extra special. She is friendly, approachable and organised.

      Nottingham, Midlands, UK

      Tony Cooper

      Associate Member

      If you are looking for an experienced, friendly and accommodating Toastmaster to enhance your event, then I can suit every need.

      West Sussex

      Patrick Hayes

      Past President, Fellow

      An experienced Toastmaster in the banqueting, entertainment & hospitality industries.


      Peter Dowson

      Associate Member

      For a first class service and a Toastmaster that really cares for your whole event, please contact me.


      Rodger Oatley


      With over 25 years’ experience as a Professional Toastmaster, Rodger is in great demand for Awards Evenings, Weddings, Civic Corporate and private functions.

      London, East Anglia, South East

      Robert Persell


      Providing a unique and modern style …. worldwide. Global Wedding Awards 2020 Winner – Toastmaster of the Year (England)

      London, Worldwide

      Guy Boyling


      Guy will ensure your event remains memorable, stress free and runs as smoothly as you planned it to be.

      West Sussex, London, The South East, Worldwide

      Richard Gray (MrGray)


      Skilled, knowledgeable, professional, Richard will ensure your event is a success


      Michael Myers


      Michael’s attention to detail and continual discreet liaison throughout your event will ensure that it flows, effortlessly, to a successful conclusion.  

      London, The South

      Ted Prior

      Past President, Fellow

      Ted, with his distinctive rich and powerful voice, has a calm, reassuring presence at functions, liaises with, clients and fellow professionals, ensuring the smooth running of any event.

      UK, Abroad

      Martin Moorhouse

      Associate Member

      Don’t chance it …. enhance it!

      Yorkshire, UK,

      Bernie Griffin

      Associate Member

      For a friendly, relaxed but professional and reliable approach to all your requirements, you need go no further.

      Kent, The South

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