Peter Sumner

Peter Sumner Toastmaster

Peter Sumner

+44 (0) 7734 453445

Worcestershire, UK, France

Associate Member of the National Association of Toastmasters


I am fully trained and experienced in all of the main wedding formats spo engaging my services as a Professional Toastmaster will allow you to relax so that you can get totally absorbed in your day and enjoy it to the full.  I will make sure that all of the formalities and procedures work as they should whilst adding a touch of style for you and your guests on the day.

Don’t just take my word for it! Many hotels are aware of the extra dimension added by a well-trained Toastmaster who can greatly assist in the overall running of the event by removing some of the work of already hard-pressed staff.

​I undertake an increasing number of weddings in France, most often English couples, or at least one partner is, who wish to marry abroad – and what more romantic place than the home of romance!  See my website for more details.