Paul Deacon

Paul Deacon Toastmaster

Paul Deacon

+44 (0) 7590 913444

UK, Overseas

Past President & Fellow of the National Association of Toastmasters

People like me because I focus on them. As a seasoned professional, I make your event special.  I find out what you want and vary my performance and play a leading part of a team so that everyone gives their best. I have looked after royal charity dinners and was Toastmaster at millennium night celebrations with HSH Prince Albert of Monaco.  Also with VIPs from Prime Ministers to Lord Mayors, from Lord-Lieutenants to lorry drivers.

Over nearly thirty years working as a Toastmaster, I’ve learnt that:

  1. A couple knows what they want.  It’s up to me to deliver that appropriately.
  2. Not everyone wants formality – following clients’ wishes is often more important.
  3. I am not the star of the show but am instrumental in making an event memorable.
  4. Some occasions need very little management, and others a lot!  The skill is knowing how much.

Get in touch if you want me to look after you or if you want to train as a Toastmaster.